Oh, wow, that's a really unique take on the reunification... it was really good <333 Poor Prussia. ;___; I like the touch with the scarf, particularly.

Thank you so much! ♥ The idea for the particular take is partially my friend's fault. And I'm glad you like the scarf thing.




In all seriousness, though, I'm glad to know this could touch someone. ♥

I can't read this. I love you though ♥


This is beautiful. You captured everything fantastically.
My eyes were watering at the very end. It sent shivers down my spine. Everyone was perfectly IC, especially Russia.

Thank you so much for sharing this. So much ♥

I'm so so glad you like it! I worry about my Russia a lot, so. ♥

Just beautiful. And bittersweet. Everyone was so in-character, and I love your take on the Berlin Wall-reunification spiel.

Thank you so much! I worry a lot about my Germany and Russia, so.


I-I'm sorry. But this comment will be incoherance. B-because. I'm sorry. I'm at a loss for words. Just.

Russia was so in-character, and Germany and Prussia. Prussia. Your Prussia is excellent and so in-character and so a-alone and you seriously-- just have my bleeding, broken heart. Have it. Take a couple internets into the bargain. Because.

Because your writing has the emotional punch of a nuclear bomb. It went off in my brain. Therefore, you get incoherance.

East just leans against his brother in silence and knows that West cannot understand. I think I may have cried out. Prussia, so alonnnee. T.T

I actually had to pause several times in the reading of this; your imagery is really powerful. You realise that this is going on a one-way track to my memories, yes?♥

*flails generally in your direction* *mem's*

O-oh wow, I never expected this sort of response! I'm incredibly flattered to hear that this had such an impact on you.

Poor Prussia really is alone. Boy needs hugs or something.

And I'm honored to join your memories!

Pffffff oh no no no no no, this is very much compatible with my personal head canon (it's history; I'm allowed as many interpretations as I want). I think I kinda sorta fucking love you, ok?

Seriously, this is wonderful. Your Prussia is fantastic--his awareness of what's happening to him, his bitterness, the flashbacks to his dissolution--it's pretty much everything I could ask for in a GDR fic and MORE, because your writing is so impressive.

The play on name changes and the tension between West and East were perfect, particularly towards the end with the mention of Germany's people and sfsajkh. You nailed it.

And dear God. Cold War-era Russia-Prussia interaction. My favorite thing ever. I love the manipulation and coercion going into the creation of East Germany, not to mention the ominous pact-sealing symbolism of that scarf. And and and you mentioned Kaliningrad and the fucked up border control at the wall and things were very historical and aaaahhhhh let's make a baby.

One teensy tiny point of interest-- I believe the Wall was erected principally by East German forces, without direct involvement by the Soviets. So even if it wasn't Gilbert's idea, his people certainly thought it was theirs. But honestly, that really doesn't affect the impact of that passage in the slightest. I just think it makes the character dynamic there all the more screwy.

You have no idea how gratifying it is to hear that you like it! I mean you're the reason I'm such a Prussia fangirl s-so yeah.

Kaliningrad is made of delicious possible tension okay. As for the border control, while I ended up researching it a bit on my own, I admit that you kind of taught me that one! It is a cycle of some kind.


Oh wow, this is what I get for not studying things enough. W-what the hell is wrong with you Gilbert. WALL = BAD.

Dead and dying.

You say this is about the people. I think you're not giving yourself enough credit--this is beautiful, how it uses the humanity to color the history and then turns that right back on itself, using the history to color the humanity...yes. Very much yes. And Prussia IS too awesome to go, and you have a fabulous handle on him. Beautifully done.

Thank you so much for all the compliments! ♥ I tried to turn it into a bit of a feedback loop, yeah, but I worried what with, you know, someone missing Prussia spawning East Germany which I'm pretty sure wasn't the case. But I'm glad it worked out in a way that makes sense to people!


*goes to cry in a corner*

You will always be awesome to me, Prussia. ;o;

Prussia will be awesome in our hearts. ;_;


BRB crying my eyes out T-T *bawls*

N-no need for worship! Sorry about the tears.

This is wonderful and I always fail at writing suitable comments, because this is a really wonderful fic. D: Adding to memories.

I'm honored to join your memories, and glad you like the fic! ♥

*is crying somewhere* Oh, Prussia! *sob*



*crais moar*

I was really hoping that someone would do this sort of a perspective on the subject, and by all means you have indeed done so beautifully.

Thank you so much for a wonderful read!

So glad that I could fill a wish for you! ♥

...After the last line, I couldn't hold it in anymore. -joins in the crying choir-

The Wall falling down. Shit, that gave me some awesome mental images. Just like a movie. I think that scene would be pretty darn amazing if it was animated. Seriously.

..I think you just broke my heart (but it seems like I'm not the only one..uhuhuhu) with this thing of Prussia dying. HISTORY CAN BE SO PAINFUL SOMETIMES WHEN YOU KNOW HETALIA. ;__; But all-in-all, I really liked this. -puts into Favourites-

Alas, I doubt it's likely that anyone will animate my fic. XD; Still, it's a neat idea!

Yeah, so much of history makes me go "D:" twice as much now because of Hetalia.

I'm so glad you like it!

This is to amazing and...
Damn, I can't write comment propertly, because I totally obsessed with this fanfic now!
Ok, later I'll write how much I love it. Now, know that I totally love it and you're my master. 8D

I'm so glad you like it so much! ♥ I can't wait to see your later writing.

I cried. That's amazing. Spectacular. It's going in my memories, if you don't mind.

Of course I don't mind! I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the memory!

I know most of what's in my head has already been spoken by everybody here, still....

Oh God, Prussia, the scarf, symbolism, brotherly love, Russia (!), and did I mention symbolism? (shed manly tears)

The reunification part is my favourite, especially when Gilbert's loosing the connection with his people. My belief in "nations and human are connected" grows bigger because of that part ;o;

I'm so glad you liked the fic! ♥

Yeah, I'm very much for the idea that nations feel their people in some way, as you can probably tell from the fic.

Woah, woah, that was amazing and very emotionally powerful. I love brotherly relationship between Prussia and Germany, and Prussia's personality is really strong in this one. Just... awesome. And Russia! Oh god, I adore him too.

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear I got people right. ♥

...that was beautiful...almost cried there...

I...I loved it...I can't express it in words...

Sorry...so many dots...I loved it...

i am crying right now. this is so brilliant, but so sad. poor prussia.

this just so beautiful and well written and sad and my heart is literally broken.

thank you for writing this.

Ah, I found this on fanfic recommendations and oh wow I am -SO- glad I read this. I was so amazing. Like many comments have probably said, the imagery and emotions where so strong.

I have to say that the scarf Russia gives East/Prussia...The imagery I got from him not wanting to take it off (was there a bit of symbolizm/meaning in that? It seemed like that too me. .W.~)that along with the breaking down the wall really got to me, and at the end when it mentions 'they were never his people' or something along those lines ( I need to re-read this so I can remember everything in detail) my eyes watered, and right after I'd finished reading this I cried.

Basicly through all my babbling: I love it. ;A;~ This is an amazing work. Would you mind Terribly if I tried to draw something based off this fic...? I would give a link to the story so others could see. (That also being if I dont get lazy. OTL;;; )

I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for the compliments, and I'd give you a tissue if I could.

The scarf was very much meant to be a symbol - the idea was that it was slowly strangling him, like Russia's control (hence the title of the story), but also the only thing holding him together and keeping him away from death (the cold he always felt). B-but I feel like I may be giving too much away, hahaha...

I would love to have art based off of this! ♥ Please comment here again if you draw it!

http://chaostearkitsune.deviantart.com/art/APH-Choking-140408716 Here's a link to the fanart I promised awhile back, Im sorry for the wait! ;w;~ <3

Re: Fanart is DRAWN. >D

Ah, thank you so much~! It's lovely! They both look so sad...

what a sad story, but I love it! Berlin Wall is always a dark topic for prussia...poor guy, your last sentence really breaks my heart.

by the way, can I post your article in my blog? of cause all your rights reserved.

Thank you very much! ♥

Of course! Just do link back here, and I'd love to see the post if you're willing!


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